Eight Acres Camp
Bixby, Ok        
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2018 Parent Info
*Camp Tuition is $30 per day.  $50 Registration Fee per child. 
  Field Trip Fees 3 times per week - typically $5-$20 per trip. (Weekly average $15-$25 per week per child)

*Our hours are 7am - 6pm. You may drop-off and pick-up your child anytime. 

*Please text changes in your child’s schedule.

     You may text anytime, 24/7. 918-640-2493  

*Dress your child in old play clothes. Your child will get very dirty!

*Want your child ready for pick-up?  You can call ahead 15–20 minutes and we will have your child ready.

*We provide sunscreen, snacks and drinks throughout the day.

* Less is best…the more your child brings to camp the more we have to keep up with.

* Put your child’s name on EVERYTHING.

*Bring lunch in Walmart type sacks. No lunchboxes please! Lunchboxes will not be refrigerated.

*We refrigerate all lunch sacks. We cannot microwave lunches.

*No gum, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks or soda allowed at camp.

*Unless we are going skating or bowling, your child should probably not wear socks to camp.

     They don’t last long. Water shoes are perfect.

*We provide towels when we go swimming.
  Don’t send towels unless you want to donate to our collection.

*Don’t send extra spending money with your child on field trips.

*Do include Field Trip Fees with your tuition payment.
  We prefer payments by check or debit/credit card. 

*Sunscreen your child before dropping off at camp. (Especially faces!)

*We have plenty of fishing poles and bait. Don't bring fishing poles, tackle boxes or hooks.

*Children are required to wear an unaltered Eight Acres Camp T-Shirt on all Field Trips except swimming. T-Shirts are $15. Children who do not wear a Camp T-Shirt on Field Trip days will be charged $5 for Camp Shirt Rental. Campers will not be allowed on field trips without a camp shirt. 

*Tax Statements will be emailed to all families by January 31st.

*Our DHS compliance file is available for parent review.