Eight Acres Camp 2024 Information 

Our Program

 Eight Acres is an outdoor-based Summer Day Camp/Out of School Time program for elementary age children. We accept children who have completed kindergarten and are going into first grade  - 11 years old for summer camp and children enrolled in kindergarten going into first grade  - 11 years old for school year camps. We are not staffed or equipped to provide for children with severe emotional or behavioral issues.

Scheduling/Attendance/Billing Policy

Billing is based on the days your child is scheduled to attend camp. 

It is the parents’ responsibility to schedule and adjust scheduled days on the KTConnect App. 

*****Cancellations must be submitted 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the following day.*****

(Cancel by 7am the day prior to the day canceling).

 Invoices are available on the KT Connect app at the end of each week on Saturday, payment is due on Monday and late on Thursday. 


Camp Tuition and Fees

Daily Tuition - $40 per day

Annual Registration Fee - $50 per child

                                              Summer Camp Deposit - $50 per child - The Deposit is a credit on your camp account.                                                            This credit expires July 19, 2024 and is forfeited if your child does not attend camp.

When Eight Acres provides for a forgotten lunch - $6

Optional Pizza Lunch on Fridays - $6

Field Trips - $8 - $20 with the weekly average of $15 - $25 for all trips.  (Most field trips are optional.)

T-Shirts - $15

Loaner T-Shirts - $5

Late Pick-up - $5 every 5 minutes after 6:00pm

Late payment fee - $10

Returned payment fee - $25

Credit card payments - 3% fee

Camp Hours and Dates

Monday- Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Drop-off and pick-up at any time

Spring Break 2024 – March 18th - 22nd.

Summer Camp 2024 - Wednesday, May, 29th - Friday, August 2nd.

We will be closed Thursday and Friday, July 4th & 5th. 

Lunch & Snack

Campers need to bring a sack lunch each day. Lunches may be refrigerated, but not microwaved. 

Snacks and water bottles are provided. 

No gum, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks or soda allowed at camp. 

A $6 fee will be charged when Eight Acres provides for a forgotten lunch.

Handy Parent Info:
*Parents schedule camp days and adjust schedules on the KTConnect App.
*Dress your child in old play clothes. They will get very dirty!
Electronics including cell phones and smart watches should not be brought to camp.
*Need your child ready for pick-up?    You can call or text ahead 15–20 minutes and we will have your child ready. 
* Less is best…the more your child brings to camp the more we have to keep up with.
* Put your child’s name on EVERYTHING.
*We prefer lunch sacks. Walmart type sacks are perfect. Lunch boxes will not be refrigerated due to refrigerator space.
*We can refrigerate lunches, but lunches will not be microwaved. 
*A $6 fee will be charged when Eight Acres provides for a forgotten lunch.
*No gum, caffeinated drinks, energy drinks or soda allowed at camp.
*Unless we are going skating or bowling, your child should probably not wear socks to camp. They don’t last long.
*We provide towels when we go swimming.
*Don’t send money with your child on field trips.
*Sunscreen your child before dropping off at camp.
*We provide sunscreen and apply at lunchtime and as needed during afternoon snack.
*We have plenty of fishing poles and bait. Don’t bring your own fishing poles, tackle or bait.
*Children are required to wear an unaltered Eight Acres Camp T-Shirt on all Field Trips except swimming. T-Shirts are $15.
* A $5 fee will be charged when Eight Acres provides for a forgotten T-shirt.
*Tax Statements will be available each January. 
*Our DHS compliance file is available at the check-in desk for parent review.