Eight Acres 2024 registration is now open.

Step 1
Registration Link

Your start date should be set to today's date so that your account will be active. Inactive accounts won't receive announcements on the KT Connect app.
A $50 registration fee and a $50 deposit per child are due at the time of registration. The $50 deposit will be credited to your account. The credit will be applied toward summer camp tuition.
After you enter your payment, watch for an email with a link to the second section of registration.

Step 2
Complete Google Form

Download the KT Connect app and turn on the notifications.

Step 4
Book your child's dates of attendance on the KT Connect app.
You won't be able to book dates until we process your registration. Give us a couple of hours.
You will also be able to cancel camp days on the app when your plans change.
Cancellations must be submitted 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the following day.

Eight Acres Scheduling/Attendance/Billing Policy

Parents are responsible for all scheduling and schedule changes through the KTConnect App.  We have a 24-hour cancelation policy. Scheduled days must be canceled by 7 am the day prior to the day you are canceling to avoid being charged for that day.  

There may be times you pay for days your child misses when they become ill or when you have last-minute changes to your schedule or child care needs. 

A $50 registration fee and a $50 account deposit will be invoiced for each child.  
Daily Camp - $40
Late payment fee - $10
Returned payment fee - $25
Credit card payments - 3% fee

Camp fees are billed at the end of each week.  Invoices will be available on the KT Connect app each Saturday. Invoices are due on Monday and late on Thursday. 
For registration questions, please text or call 918-640-2493, or email Camp@EightAcres.com.
For the quickest response text 918-640-2493.
Our phones are typically only answered after 3:30pm on school days during the school year.